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Giving trees a little attention can help them endure the eye of the storm. And considering all that they do for us -- from sequestering carbon to releasing life-sustaining oxygen and beautifying our yards -- is that really too much to ask?

There is no doubt trees can cause damage and be damaged in storms. However, appropriately placed and maintained trees can help reduce damage to structures in storms by deflecting wind, and reduce damage to trees. Appropriate actions include proper placement and planting, and structural pruning prior to the storm. Species selection can also be somewhat helpful in avoiding some damage. Actions in the weeks and years following a strong storm can help bring damaged trees back to health.

Below are some of the assessments and steps we take to insure your trees are safe prior to a storm:

Root depth determination
Rooting space evaluation
Middle and upper trunk assessment
Lower trunk assessment
Root collar examination
Canopy and branches
Preventive pruning


Special Situations

USA Tree Service is equipped to handle any situation you may encounter. Please give us a call for any of the following:

Leaning trees
Young trees
Mature Trees
Trees close to curbs/sidewalks
Trees in parking lot islands/medians
Isolated trees
Trees near buildings