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25 Feb 2021

Winter Tree Tip | USA Tree Service

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USA Tree Service Winter Tree Trimming Tip

We all know that winter in Florida is a great time of year. It’s cooler, it’s the holiday season and the leaves are falling. Did you know that there are things you can being doing to make your property prosperous during the year? Everyone knows more tree equals better air quality for everyone living around there, not to mention how great the trees look. It all starts with a little tree trimming.

Invest in your tree’s health this winter to get them ready for the spring and summer growing season with some tree trimming. Lighten up that foliage for beneficial air circulation along with eliminating energy robbing sucker growth by removing weak and poorly formed branches. Your trees will thrive and reward you with many years of cooling shade complete with wildlife and beauty. For a few more tips like winter watering be sure to check out our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation

We here at USA Tree Service always have you and your trees best interest at heart. Get your work done with the professionals.

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16 Sep 2019
tree pruning

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